Reservation at various fabulous restaurants.

Whether you choose to hire out a Michelin three starred restaurant, reserve a table in a tatami room at a high-class Japanese-style restaurant that usually refuses new customers, reservation we arrange will provide you to savour the great chance of finest cuisines in Japan.

A ryotei with prestige, yet pleasantly accessible.

Superb dishes created with local flavors of Italy

Refined and healthy shojin cuisine

Savour the best quality beefsteak with tradition and prestige

Enjoy the delicious ayu fish, a delicacy of Kyoto

Creative originality awarded with three Michelin stars

Restaurant known for duck cuisine filled with guests at the opening of the hunting season.

The mariage of Chanel’s finesse and the culinary philosophy of Alain Ducasse

Savour the rich flavour of aged lean meat.

Kyoto delicacies awarded with two Michelin stars

Contemporary Chinese cuisine accompanied by the melody played with oriental fiddles

Premium Shanghai cuisine that tickles all five senses