Reservation at various fabulous restaurants.

Whether you choose to hire out a Michelin three starred restaurant, reserve a table in a tatami room at a high-class Japanese-style restaurant that usually refuses new customers, reservation we arrange will provide you to savour the great chance of finest cuisines in Japan.

Renowned hideaway restaurant to which the guests rush directly from the airport

Edo-style sushi awarded three Michelin stars for six consecutive years.

Two-Michelin-starred culinary skills seen in selective ingredients from Karatsu

Enjoy the selected seasonal ingredients from various area all over Japan

Beautiful food with the panoramic view of the waterfront

Dishes full of seasonal ingredients prepared according to your preference

The delightful seasonal tempura with special house-made salt

Premium grade beef carefully selected by the executive chef

Enjoy the variety of seasonal flavours served in artistic tableware

A restaurant full of hospitality, inheriting the spirit of the founder.

Exquisite dishes with culinary techniques of Shanghai cuisine

Anti-aging herbal cuisine for beautiful skin