Nihonryori RyuGin

Tradition and innovation producing superb dishes awarded with three Michelin stars

A world-class Japanese restaurant with a name derived from the Zen term "Ryu-Gin-Un-Ki

This is a world-class Japanese restaurant with a name derived from the Zen term "Ryu-Gin-Un-Ki". Chef Seiji Yamamoto believes that "the best treat is to taste Japan's finest ingredients in their natural state. He offers only omakase courses, which are prepared with the finest ingredients from all over Japan. The dishes are sublimely prepared to make you remember the preciousness of Japan's abundance. We hope you will experience the happiness that words cannot fully express as you contemplate the changing scenes of Japan's four seasons.Cuisine[s] Michel Troisgros is a restaurant founded under the direction of Mr. Michel Troisgros, the owner chef of Maison Troisgros, a renowned restaurant in France awarded with three Michelin stars for 48 consecutive years . The French esprit of spice and sour taste combination matches beautifully with the rich, premium ingredients from the Japanese soil. Indulge in the outstanding French cuisine created with the chef’s prolific ideas and creativity.


Address #7 Tokyomiddotaunhibiya 1-1-2 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo-to
Course conditions

The charge for a person

Member's benefit

A glass of champagne or soft drink per person

Cancellation Policy

*Cancellation shall be made 7 business days prior. After that, 100% cancellation charge will be incurred.
*Please refer to the Luxury Japan cancellation policy.


Japanese affluence on a plate...

It all started with the senses...

Seasons, aromas, temperatures, textures, and combinations

The possibilities of "Meat Cuisine" and its proof

Chef Yamamoto's hometown "Sanuki Olive Beef" ・ "Jidori Chicken" from all over Japan

Ryugin's original straw-roasted "natural duck" ・ Ryugin's original straw-roasted Japanese "pigeon

Hokkaido "Brown bear" ・ Honshu "Black bear" ・ Honshu "Black bear

Honshu "Pheasant" ・ Japanese "Quail" ・ Hokkaido "Lamb

Various other fowls unique to Japan, etc.

A service charge (10% for table seating, 15% for semi-private rooms, and 15% for private rooms) will be added to the above prices including tax.

※Luxury Japan service fee 15% will be charged separately

#7 Tokyomiddotaunhibiya1-1-2 Yurakucho,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo-to

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