With “luxury and beauty of Japan” as its main concept, Luxury Japan Corp. is an inbound travel agency providing a variety of accommodations related to Japanese cultural experiences, food tourism, medical care, and real estate to the affluent customer segment. Being the offshoot of Club Concierge, an 18 years experience of in concierge service provided for the high-class exclusive members of Japan, our customers can be assured of promising services to accommodate the needs for a full Japan experience. Luxury Japan Corp with Club Concierge is dedicated to providing assistance for all visitors to enjoy all that Japan has to offer: from making reservations at three-Michelin-star restaurants or prestigious cuisine that are difficult to book, making arrangements for unforgettable experiences such as geiko performances in Gion Kyoto, tea ceremony, and sushi making classes. Furthermore, making appointments for advanced medical consultation, and telomere treatments are available with full assistance. Luxury Japan Corp with Club Concierge, we promise you an unforgettable and luxurious time for both first-time and repeating visitors to Japan.

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Founder & CEO Luxury Japan Corp /
Club Concierge Corp

Guiding the world’s elite to the very heart of Japan
Japan has much to delight and entertain the most discerning customers from around the world. While Tokyo is a food lover’s paradise, Kyoto is our capital of culture. Furthermore there is the exquisite sense of “omotenashi” (traditional Japanese hospitality), not to mention the plethora of Japanese traditions passed down from generation to generation over centuries.
The places that most exhibit the very essence of this culture are difficult for even the Japanese to gain access to sometimes. Luxury Japan pledges to open those doors exclusively for its customers--offering them all the help and guidance they need.
Luxury Japan provides a variety of special services responding to the ever-increasing volume of demand from overseas customers. It is our greatest pleasure to welcome distinguished individuals, royal families and celebrities all over the world. In 2019 we offered hospitality services to V.I.P s attending the G20 summit in Osaka—providing them exclusive experiences during their limited free time. We offer a comprehensive concierge service, which includes cutting-edge medical care, exclusive real estate access to luxury properties, as well as Japanese cultural entertainments, art tours, gourmet tours, and more. We guarantee your stay in Japan will be truly memorable, and we very much look forward to welcoming you.