With “luxury and beauty of Japan” as its main concept, Club Concierge Luxury Japan is a new service providing a variety of accommodations related to Japanese cultural experiences, food tourism, medical care and real estates to the affluent customer segment. Being the offshoot of Club Concierge, a 16 years experience of concierge service provided for the high-class exclusive members of Japan, members can be assured of promising services to accommodate the needs for a full Japan experience. Club Concierge Luxury Japan is dedicated to providing assistance for all members to enjoy all that Japan has to offer: from making reservations at three-Michelin-star restaurants or prestigious cuisine that are difficult to book, making arrangements for unforgettable experiences such as geiko performances in Gion, Kyoto, tea ceremony, and sushi making classes. Furthermore, making appointments for advanced medical consultation, and telomere treatments are available with full assistance. With Club Concierge Luxury Japan, we promise you an unforgettable and luxurious time for both first-time and repeating visitors to Japan.

Membership magazine published biannually
for our members in Japan.


Founder & CEO Luxury Japan Corp /
Club Concierge Corp

Guiding the world’s elite to the very heart of Japan
Japan has much to delight and entertain the most discerning customers from around the world. While Tokyo is a food lover’s paradise, Kyoto is our capital of culture. Then there is the exquisite sense of “omotenashi” hospitality, not to mention the plethora of Japanese traditions passed down from generation to generation over centuries.
Yet the places concealed at the very heart of this culture are difficult for even the Japanese to gain access to. Club Concierge Luxury Japan pledges to open those doors exclusively for its members, offering them all the help and guidance they could need.
Throughout its 15 years of business, Club Concierge has operated a pioneering members-only service providing exclusive experiences to the most discerning customers. Drawing on this business experience, we have now launched Club Concierge Luxury Japan, a service catering to foreign visitors from the upper stratum of society who wish to garner a unique experience of Japanese luxury and beauty.
Club Concierge Luxury Japan are providing a variety of special services , responding to the ever-increasing volume of demand from overseas customers, which will surely continue to grow in advance of the much awaited 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
It is our greatest pleasure to welcome distinguished individuals from all around the world to our country. We provide our customers with opportunities not just for travel within Japan, but also cutting-edge medical care, real estate inspection tour of the real estate that never make it onto the market, Hozu River boat cruise events, art tours, gourmet tours, and so on.
We very much look forward to welcoming you.



Ambassador of “Club Concierge Luxury Japan”

Descendant of the Japanese Imperial family

Welcome to Club Concierge Luxury Japan.
We are very proud to present the finest of our hospitality and experience to the world, especially for our quality members. The internet has opened the world of tourism and it is now very hard to find a place where no tourist has ever set foot on. But Japan still has much more to offer in terms of tourist resources that has not yet been exposed to the world. The location or the name of the restaurant may be found easily, but even we Japanese are sometimes unaware of the story behind or the way to fully appreciate those unique experiences.
Although my family goes back a long long time in Japan, I grew up in Geneva Switzerland, probably one of the most international city with the most number of nationality within a small community. There were 14 nationalities in a class of 20 at my elementary school, and each one of us was representing our own nation and culture. So in a sense, from a very young age, I was wearing a uniform bearing the national flag of Japan.
That experience has given me the eye to be able to look at my own culture objectively and to be able to appreciate more than I would have, if I had been living in Japan all my life. So I am more than happy to be your concierge of our culture.
We look forward to welcoming you in Japan.


President of the Office des Vins Vaudois, Switzerland

Honorary Director ECAL (University of Art and Design, Lausanne)

The man who makes perfect pairings of Vaud Chasselas wines from Switzerland with sushi and Japanese dishes, at the same time offering us a magnificent taste lesson - Naoyuki Miyayama, sworn in as Commander of the Order of Vaud Wines. How did Japan, with a culture poles apart from our own, suddenly discover such chosen affinities with our Chasselas from Vaud? The impression we may have of a world with the same standards of living common to all human beings on the planet is misleading. New technologies do not change the psychology of individuals, the thought constructs of society or the timeless nature of manners and customs. Japan gives us a dazzling demonstration of that. You only have to think of the rules of courtesy, the rituals of the tea ceremony or Japanese wrestling (the famous Sumo wrestlers), or Noh theatre which revolves around gesture and secretive complicity, to be persuaded that Japan is rooted in a culture and traditions that shape its way of life; and that are reflected in everyday life in rites of passage, movements and acts dictated from childhood.
For us natives of Vaud, how much can we learn from the Japanese in the way our wines are perceived and represented? They remind us quite simply (or often reveal to us) that tasting combines our sensory faculties with the heritage of our cultural upbringing. And that hoping to win new markets without including those paradigms would be to overlook crucial factors.


Only For Travel Agency



Member Entry Fee ( First year only )
JPY 500,000(tax excluded)
Personal Member Annual Fee JPY 380,000(tax excluded)
Here are the services we will offer for our personal members :

Answer your requests or questions for preparing your stay in Japan

Propose the best customer-made plan ( Please contact us 2 weeks prior to the traveling date)

Inquire us via E-mail and our website

Responding e-mail and phone in English and Mandarin during your stay

An exclusive concierge services to assist your business and private scenes such as arranging private car, meeting rooms, Interpreter, etc.


Offering special services you could only find here in Club Concierge Luxury Japan

Reservation of stared restaurants which are difficult to make a reservation

Reservation for the restaurants where the walk in clients are very often refused.

Advanced medical care service ( Medical check- up)

Information for Telomere Biology for fighting aging, the supplements to fight against aging

One day trip

Special real estates you could not find on the market

Arrangement of premiere tickets such as the best seats of Sumo tournament and Kabuki theatre etc.

・Offering Cryptocurrency arbitrage information

・Bitcoin exchanging service and payment by bitcoin when purchasing all the products and services of Club
Concierge Luxury Japan.
Please pay by member's own crediet card.
the whole balance amount to be paid one day prior to the arrival date in Japan.
Service charges: 15%, excluding consuming tax
Entry Fee Waive for special periods
Annual fees JPY 3,000,000(tax excluded) Per account
1. Here are the services we will offer for the corporate members :
An exclusive concierge services to assist your business and private scenes. One exclusive account manager, who is able to comply with Japanese, English or Chinese business scenes, will be assigned for your company as your concierge.
Services are up to 10 occasions per month. From 11 occasions and onward, the service charge will be added.
2. The following Concierge services are available for the members:
・ Priority reservation of stared restaurants which are difficult to make a reservation
・ Priority reservation for the restaurants where the walk in clients are very often refused
・ Arrangement of premiere tickets such as the best seats of Sumo tournament and Kabuki theatre
3. Payment: In addition to the credit card settlement, an invoice payment is also acceptable. In this case, 30% of all the costs to be paid one month prior to the arrival date in Japan and the balance amount to be paid two weeks prior to the arrival date in Japan.
4. ・Special real estates you could not find on the market and the payment by Bitcoin is also acceptable when  buying the real estate.
・Financial services such as Cryptocurrency arbitrage information
5. Club Concierge Luxury Japan Online Shopping
・Service charges: 15%, excluding consuming tax