Q. What is “Club Concierge Luxury Japan ”?
A. “Club Concierge Luxury Japan” is a concierge service provider established to introduce the most sumptuous and luxurious elements of Japan to customers and potential customers overseas, based on the 16 years’
experience of the services to the intelligent affluent class in Japan by Club Concierge
Q. What sort of services are available through “Club Concierge Luxury Japan”?
A. 1. Free of charge distribution of “Club Concierge Luxury Japan ” Magazine which introduces the most
sumptuous and luxurious elements of Japan.
2. Planning of bespoke(custom-made) tours and travels based on the clients’ demand and/or requests.
3. Guiding to highly prestigious rare Japanese cultural experiences such as entertainment with geisha.
4. Reserving Micheline 3 star restaurants and Ryotei Japanese cuisine restaurants and reserving highly
qualified, first class affiliated hotels and ryokans to provide highly qualified services. 5. Most advanced
medical services and other VIP services, including transportation from the arriving airport.
Q. What sort of memberships are available at Club Concierge Luxury Japan and what are their benefits?
A. Three sorts of memberships as under:
Regular Membership: Entrance fee JPY500,000, Annual fee JPY 380,000.- per member
Corporate Membership: Entrance fee waived. Annual fee JPY 3,000,000.- per member
(Excluding tax )
For more details, please refer to our printed magazine, “Club Concierge Luxury Japan ” or the page of "Membership".
Q. Are the friends as well as the kin of the members able to receive the services?
A. Yes, the member’s friends and/or kin are able to receive the services, but payments are to be conducted by the member’s registered credit card only.
Q. What are the procedures of obtaining the membership?
A. Here are the flows of the bookings and settlements as under:
1. Please access our website www.luxuryjapan.tv direct (available also with smartphone) or indirect through our “Club Concierge Luxury Japan” magazine.
2. Fill out the application form.
3. Read the Terms and Conditions and click your consent on all the points mentioned.
4. Complete the settlement of annual membership fees through your registered credit card.
5. Confirm your receipt a message from us sent to you automatically.
6. You will receive “Welcome” messages from us through our Concierge staff in charge from the addresses especially for the members.
7. Any queries, please contact any time to our mail addresses: info@luxuryjapan.tv. Our concierge staff will assist you.
Q. How do I participate with “Club Concierge Luxury Japan” events?
A. Please select your interested events from our magazine or website(available also at smart phone and inquire by e-mail(info@luxuryjapan.tv) or by telephone(+81-(0)3-3499-9101).
These are all highly recommendable events to be served on first-come, first-serve basis.
Q. How do I make reservations for restaurants and ryotei restaurants through Luxury Japan?
A. Please select your desired restaurants and ryoteis from our magazine or website(available also at smart phone) www.luxuryjapan.tv and inquire by e-mail(info@luxuryjapan.tv) or by telephone(+81-(0)3-3499-9101) for availability.
We apologise in advance in case your desired restaurants or ryoteis are fully booked.
Q. How are the settlements or payments to be conducted for the services?
A. Principally, full amount in advance settlement by member’s credit card and/or advance bank transfer is to be applied.
As for the costs incurred on spot during tours and/or at hotels and restaurants such as additional drinks, these settlements are to be made by the member direct with the suppliers such as hotels, restaurants, ryoteis, etc. on a spot basis.
Q. How do we become Corporate Members?
A. Please contact our sales department concerned by e-mail(info@luxuryjapan.tv) or by telephone(+81-(0)3-3499-9101)
Q. Are the personal information securely protected?
A. We declare that the private and personal information of the customers are securely protected based on our policy under the Article No. 57 of the Privacy Protection Law stipulated in Japan in 2003. We proclaim that the customers’ privacy and personal information are undertaken safely and appropriately