Whether you choose to hire out a Michelin three starred restaurant, reserve a table in a tatami room at a high-class Japanese-style restaurant that usually refuses new customers, reservation we arrange will provide you to savour the great chance of finest cuisines in Japan.

A restaurant full of hospitality, inheriting the spirit of the founder.

Exquisite dishes with culinary techniques of Shanghai cuisine

Local hideaway in Miyagawa-cho for gourmands

Two-Michelin-star restaurant serving Kanazawa local cuisine

Purist Japanese Cuisine that Won Over Paris

Watch the Four Seasons Dancing Across Your Table

Experience the unparalleled taste of the crabs favoured by the Imperial Family

Japan’s Finest Ingredients Make Japan’s Finest Dishes

A specialist caviar bar offering the highest-quality caviar from across Japan

Set in an exquisite Western-style building, this restaurant has one foot in Kamakura and one in France

Enjoy true alpine cuisine in this hidden gem of a restaurant, tucked away at the foot of the Hira Mountains

This exclusive members’ restaurant offers authentic sushi made with Kyushu’s freshest catches