Reservation at our affiliated high-end hotels and ryokans (Japanese-style accommodations)

We have affiliated high-end accommodations all over Japan.

Simple yet ideal stay at a prestigious ryokan

Secret villa on the beach for one couple/group per day.

The first hot spring resort by Aman, overlooking the astonishing view of the "Bay of Pearls”

Spectacular view overlooking the nature in the mountains.

Praised as the best quality hot spring of western Japan

Premium ski resort hotel embraced by gift of nature.

With Japanese beauty and modernity, the first urban-style hotel of Aman

Japanese elegance with lush green garden

Relax in a modern machiya-style hotel

Ryokan worth repeating for its exquisite cuisine.

Indulge in a modern and traditional open-air hot spring

Indulge in the Michelin-starred restaurant surrounded by lush greenery.