Reservation at various fabulous restaurants.

Whether you choose to hire out a Michelin three starred restaurant, reserve a table in a tatami room at a high-class Japanese-style restaurant that usually refuses new customers, reservation we arrange will provide you to savour the great chance of finest cuisines in Japan.

Kyoto kaiseki-style French cuisine worthy of a try

Enjoy carefully selected premium wagyu steak in Ginza and Kyoto

Enjoy stylish sushi in a serene and Zen setting

Art, technique, and passion in every dish.

Experience the real joy of tasting fugu cuisine at a two-Michelin-star restaurant

The authentic and traditional Japanese cuisine

A compilation of Chef Robuchon’s culinary philosophy: the highest-class gastronomy awarded with three Michelin stars

Delicate dishes prepared with the honed skills of a true connoisseur

Two-Michelin-star restaurant with seasonal essences

Where ingredients, tradition and new ideas stand out

Mix of luxury and simplicity is an atmosphere of Nice, France

Vibrant Kyoto-style cuisine