Japan’s Finest Ingredients Make Japan’s Finest Dishes

Tokyo’s hub of fine dining, Ginza, celebrates the opening of another prime destination for lovers of Japanese cuisine: Ikkyo. The name, which literally means ‘the style of the capital’, was selected by its Kyoto-trained owner to reflect the true, traditional Tokyo style he wants to create in the dishes he serves. With a visit to the early morning fish market at Tsukiji as part of his daily routine, he is undeterrable in his quest for the very finest produce from around the country, and his philosophy when it comes to cuisine is to bring out the natural flavour of his ingredients in as uncomplicated a way as possible. Take Ikkyo’s approach to fresh seasonal bonito, for example. The crimson fillets are skewered, the guts smoked out over a charcoal burner, and then the fillets are heated skin-side down over towering flames to give the fish a smoked aroma that accentuates the natural taste of its juicy flesh. The bonito fillets are served topped with sliced onions massaged with salt, for a dish bursting with fresh taste. Then there’s Ikkyo’s signature dish, with eggs diluted in dashi stock made with soft-shell turtle, poured inside a whole stewed turnip and steamed until set, which tastes perfect at any time and on any occasion. Diners at Ikkyo can be assured of a taste of the very heart and soul of Japanese cuisine.


AddressSuga Bldg. 5F, 8-3-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
ClosedIrregular closing days
Member's benefit

A glass of aperitif per person

Cancellation Policy

・Cancellation shall be made 7 business days prior. After that, 100% cancellation charge will be incurred. ・Please refer to the Luxury Japan cancellation policy.


・Available from 2 people
・ Dinner courses include a bottle of Chasselas wine
・Please pay directly to the restaurant for the additional drink and food order
・The plan and prices might be changed due to seasonal reasons or ingredients prices.

※Luxury Japan service fee 15% will be charged separately

Suga Bldg. 5F, 8-3-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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