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Full day excursion of the Edo culture experience

Travel by Shinkan-sen and enjoy hot spring, museum and seasonal Japanese cuisine.

Fantastic view Mt. Fuji by private chartered helicopter and hot spring.

You can learn the essence of Japanese manners via tea ceremony, and enjoy kabuki theatre.

Visit a sumo stable to watch exciting morning practice and eat special home-made meals by sumo wrestlers

Private Tsukiji Tour attended by the famous sushi chef with Edo-style sushi.

Practical beauty created by Kyoto wood crafting artisans

The World of Okumura Nobuyuki

Renowned Japanese sculptor of the world

Telomere Biology for Fighting Aging.

High-tech material and highest-quality leather

Presenting exciting new product

Finest piece of lacquerware finds popularity among world

Producer Kyoto-style lacquer artisan Hikobei IX