Spray Supplement that enables quick absorption of ꥱTAM-818 (1 box: 6 sprays)

Telomere Biology for Fighting Aging.

Dr. Bill Andrews, PhD. who is one of the leading scientists in the field of age-caused diseases and their treatment in USA.

He has been insisting that "Human could live as long as 150 years old" and "aging is disease and it is curable". If aging is a disease, how does it happen in the first place? Humans body cells have a pre-determined limited number of mitoses and, after passing this number, Telomeres, clusters of DNA at the ends of chromosomes, get shortened by each mitosis and this shortening causes aging. The Shortening of telomere also causes various kinds of fatal diseases such as cancer, Alzheimers and cardiovascular diseases.

If we could prevent telomere from shortening by providing enzymes that protect telomere, it would allow us to be as energetic and healthy as the person in 20s. Humans have an enzyme called telomerase that protects telomeres, but it is usually suppressed and not functional. Dr. Andrews discovered molecules that activate the suppressedenzyme. That molecule is an enzymatic molecule "human telomerase"(inducer of telomerase activation) that prevents shortening and restores telomeres.

Over 10 years of research since the discovery of telomerase, it finally crystalizes as a completely new class of anti-aging drug. Dr. Andrews says that this drug will be an effective therapeutic modality for prevention and treatment of many diseases.


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