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New dish which transcends the genre the sensitivity of the chef produces

Indulge in fragrant soba noodles and seasonal delicacies

A prestigious ryotei of Tokyo with aesthetics of Edo culture

Renowned restaurant hidden in Ginza serving Japanese cuisine with wine

Indulge in the outstanding food including the signature red snapper chazuke

Where ingredients, tradition and new ideas stand out

Feel the quintessence of Kyoto-style kaiseki cuisine and the chef’s playful sprit at a two-Michelin-star restaurant

Kyoto kaiseki-style French cuisine worthy of a try

Enjoy stylish sushi in a serene and Zen setting

Experience the real joy of tasting fugu cuisine at a two-Michelin-star restaurant

The authentic and traditional Japanese cuisine

A compilation of Chef Robuchon’s culinary philosophy: the highest-class gastronomy awarded with three Michelin stars