Reservation at our affiliated high-end hotels and ryokans (Japanese-style accommodations)

We have affiliated high-end accommodations all over Japan.

Spectacular view overlooking the nature in the mountains.

Superlative, experience of beautiful food, drinks, and spa.

Experience a premium spa and the “luxury of doing nothing”.

Beauty of Japanese tradition with astonishing food and moon.

The premium of complete minimalism with Noh performance stage.

View of Mt. Fuji and the ocean accommodated with open-air hot spring bath in every room.

Ultimate spa resort experience.

The quiet hideaway filled with pure luxury.

Enjoy the “stand-and-soak” hot spring bath surrounded by nature.

Auberge resort to enjoy the beautiful hot springs and nature.

Pamper yourself in hot springs with a beautiful garden, celebrated by the Emperors.

Luxurious experience beyond a traditional ryokan.