Terms & Conditions

Article 1: (General)

1, As a registered Member (“Member”) of Luxury Japan Corporation (“The Company”) or as non-registered Member (“non-member”) of The Company, You agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions

2, When Ordering any products or services (“Service”) however used by Member or Non-Member, as long as which are provided by the Company, You agree that these Terms and Conditions Shall apply to the order

Article 2: (Membership)

1, Member is a person who acknowledge that they have read, understood and agreed to the terms, then applied for membership to Company, completed the payment of annual membership fee.

2, Member is whom the identification code (“ID”) is issued and the password is accepted by the Company

3, The Termination of membership shall be enforced only by the Company When it is found that an act or questionable act of Member which considered the followings

(1) Using dummy bank account

(2) Hiding past membership termination

(3) False information or intentional error in registration

(4) Inappropriate behaviors

(5) Involvement with anti-social activities activists or organizations including terrorism, political groups, violence and brutal minds

Article 3: (Membership plans / annual membership fee / service fee)

1, For regular membership, entrance fee is JPY 500,000 ( Excluding tax ), Annual membership fee of regular membership is JPY380,000 ( Excluding Tax ) . The Members’ family or friend could also use our service, but all payments shall be proceeded with member’s cards only.

2, For Corporate Membership, entrance fee is waived , annual membership fee is 3,000,000 JPY (Excluding tax ). Travel planning service will be available for free, 5 times per month. Planning service will incur a charge from 6 times and on wards.

3, Every annual membership fee shall be paid all at once by credit card. Payment by invoice is also available to Corporate Members.

4, For foreign travel agencies, we provided the special entry program, please kindly register your company information, etc into our system.

5, Without notification from Members, The Company will automatically renew the membership status and charge the annual membership fee.

6, If Member no longer wishes to renew their status, they shall submit the necessary documents by letter or Fax or email, until the last day of the month before the month the Member wishes to resign.

7, Annual membership fee is non-refundable

8, Aside from the annual membership fee, all payments to our affiliated hotel and restaurants are

subject to 15% service charge to Company.

Article 4: (ID and Passwords)

1, The Members shall not provide ID and password of The Member to a third party, besides Members’ family.

2, The Members shall strictly manage its ID / password at its own risk to prevent fraudulent or other unauthorized use of the membership. Company shall have no responsibility in respect there of.

Article 5: (Prohibition of Membership trading)

Members are prohibited from selling, trading, pledging, changing names, or otherwise transferring their membership to another party.

Article 6: (Notification Obligation)

1, Members cannot change the registered details, such as name, birth date, sex mail address, member ID. Members can only change the registered e-mail address with Company’s permission.

2, The Member shall compensate the damage that they caused to Company by neglecting notification obligation. The Company will not be liable for any Member’s loss or damage caused by neglected notification.

Article 7: (Termination / Suspension of Membership)

The Company may terminate / suspend membership, if the Member falls under any of the following conditions.

1, If there is false information in registration details

2, If registered information is altered or falsified

3, Any unauthorised use of Member’s ID / password

4, Payment is delayed or not made

5, Interfering the operation of service, or make an attempt to interfere

6, Threaten Company’s social reputation

7, Inappropriate behaviors, such as involvement with anti-social activities activists or organizations including terrorism, political groups, violence and brutal minds

Article 8: (Member benefits, Purchasing)

1, Every service and product that Company provides shall be purchased by the means specified in article 10

2, Every Member to be provided with the membership magazine “Club Concierge Luxury Japan” for free of charge.

Article 9: (Payment)

1, Members must register credit card number when they enrolling for membership and payment will be debited to registered card. Unless the Company gives a prior permission, every payment for the services / products shall be proceeded in advance by the registered credit card including annual membership fee and tour products. However, Member may have to input card number every time they make an order, depending on terms of Card Company.

2, Payment will be proceeded according to the credit card company’s regulations

3, As a general rule, every payments shall be made in advance. However, when there is an additional charge, it will be debited when the Member uses the service. When cancellation fee occurs, it will be charged according to each service’s terms.

4, Company will issue a receipt per the Member’s request in case the Member requires.

Article 10: (Return or Exchange of product)

1, If the member received damaged or defective product, which attributable to Company, members could request return or exchange of the product, by following the terms of Company. Request must be made within a week from delivery date. Except that

(1) Damage or defect is not attributable to Company

(2) Custom-made product, product with the Member’s name on it.

(3) Food, products delivered in regularly schedule

(4) Unboxed product

(5) Used product

2, If products are returned or exchanged because of The Member’s personal preferences, The Member will be charged the delivery fee.

Article 11: (Services and Cancellation)

1, Ryotei Service

(1) The term “Ryotei” refers to the venues listed in (2).

(2) Kanetanaka, Sukiya Kanetanaka, Hamadaya, Tokyo Kitcho, Sumida, Kyoto Kitcho, Mizai, Kouetsu, Tsujitome, Kashiwaya, Oimatsu, Masa, Gion Maruyama, and other venues specified by Company.

(3) 100% cancellation charges will incur from the booking date

(4) Member needs an attendance of Japanese speaking guides when they use the service. If company is to arrange the guide, arrangement fee will incur.

2, 100% Cancellation charges will incur for all restaurants other than Ryotei reservation, 7 days prior to reservation date

3, If cancellation deadline is not written in the hotel’s description, deadline is as follows.

Hotel / Ryokan Cancellation Policy

(1) More than 31 days prior to day before travel start date: no cancellation fee

(2) 31 days prior to the day before start date: 10 %

(3) 30~20 days prior to the day before start date: 20 %

(4) 19~10 days prior to the day before start date: 30 %

(5) 9 days ~a day prior to the day before start date: 50%

(6) On the day that the tour starts or not attending the tour without any notification: 100%

4, members only event shall be canceled more than a month before. If not, 100% cancellation fee will be charged.

5, The Member can cancel the order before the cancel deadline that stated in description. Except that

(1) When passed the deadline

(2) When a week passed from regular scheduled delivery of the product

(3) Custom-made product which has already started its production

(4) Product with no-cancellation policy

Article 12: (Tour Conditions of Club Concierge Luxury Japan)

Luxury Japan Corporation, a class 2 registered travel agent (No. 2-6382) with the Tokyo Metropolitan government, is to apply its own tour conditions stated separately for both its own planned promotional tours (domestic trips only) and customer requested tours (domestic as well as overseas trips).

The agent’s tour products, including packaged tours and individual tours, shall abide by its tour conditions mentioned above, for cancellation, indemnifications as well as compensations.

Should any inquiries arise from members or non-members on the above conditions, Club Concierge Luxury Japan will assign its certified tour administrator to the same.

Article 13: (Copyright)

Copyright of the any information that presented through our official website and membership magazine is belongs to the Company. Unauthorized Transmission (electronically or by other means), modification, linking or use of the copyrighted information for public or commercial purposes is prohibited without the prior consent of Company. Having the acts specified in the above performed by a third party will be prohibited as well.

Article 14: (Sending Service Information)

Members are agreed to receive information of service from Company, through e-mail or direct mail. Members will not make an objection.

Article 15: (Protection of Personal Information)

1, the personal information entered by the members will be used only when Company provides the service or introducing information of service.

2, The Company will make every effort to appropriately protect the personal information in its possession.

3, The Company will not disclose or provide personal information to any third parties except under the following circumstances or for the following purposes.

(1) There is a prior consent of the member.

(2) When The Company entrusting the handling of personal information with external parties. The association will conclude nondisclosure agreements with the Company.

(3) Disclosure is required based on laws and regulations.

Article 16: (Outsourcing)

The Company may outsource the process of services such as shipments to cooperating third parties.

Article 17: (Changes in Terms and Conditions)

1, The Company could change the terms and conditions without permission from Members. Changes will be announced immediately to Members through official websites.

2, From the day the Company announced the modifications, it shall be considered effective and valid.

Article 18: (Disclaimer)

1, Tourism Agreement will apply.

2, The pictures of the service / product displayed on the official website / membership magazine are for illustration purposes and may differ from that of the actual services. Company provide no warranty of any kind regarding accuracy, completeness, and usefulness of these pictures.

3, The description of the service / product is based on the materials provided from the manufacturer. Company will not be liable for the information offered in these descriptions.

4, The Company will not be liable from the products’ description and its contents made by the producer , manufacturer and supplier.

5, The Company will not be liable for Member’s any loss or damage, when members make a contract directly with service provider

6, Company will not be liable for Member’s any loss or damage that happened during Member’s stay in Tokyo, such as car accident, trouble at hotel, theft. Please be sure to subscribe travel insurance before your arrival to Japan.

7, The Member will not file a claim to the Company for not providing service, when it falls following circumstances.

(1) When the Company’s operation is temporarily suspended or to receive administrative punishment, including a revocation of operating license

(2) When a petition for commencement of rehabilitation proceedings or temporary restraining order concerning the rehabilitation, such as provisional seizure / provisional disposition is filed.

(3) When the Company’s financial position will / may significantly worsened.

Article 19: (Court of Jurisdiction)

1, If there is any dispute that cannot be solved based on terms and conditions between Member and Company, they should sincerely settle specific problems based on a discussion for immediate solution.

2, It is agreed that the court of jurisdiction for all disputes arising with regards to the service provided by Company shall be Tokyo District Court.

Standard Terms and Conditions in Japan

Please also see attached for English translation of standard terms and conditions for travel contract issued by Japan Association of Travel Agents.

Agent Organized Tour Contract.pdf(80.0KB)


Custom-Ordered Tour Contract.pdf(78.6KB)

Arranged Tour Contracts.pdf(45.7KB)

Travel Consultation Contracts.pdf(21.1KB)

Any conflict between these standard terms and conditions and the Club Concierge Luxury Japan's resolves in favor of the Luxury Japan's.

Club Concierge Luxury Japan

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