Noh masks

Noh-the ancient art form that continues to evolve

Noh masks-contemporary art that reflects the modern soul

Third Generation Kitazawa-Style

Noh Mask Artist - Bihaku Kitazawa

It was the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunamithat made Bihaku Kitazawa decide to become a Noh mask artist. He studied under GenpakuKitazawa, third son to the celebrated Noh mask artist Nyoi Kitazawa. After producing aroundseventy Noh masks in a period of two and a half years, his training in the Kitazawa method was completed. When his masks were selected for stage use by the Kongoryu Junseikai of the National Noh Theatre in 2014, Bihaku officially became a successor to the Kitazawa name at the young age of 27. He currently works from his studio in Arashiyama in Kyoto, and is known as a promising figure in the Noh world.


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