Kyoto Zen World(YOUMEI-IN)

A True Zen Experience at Renowned Temples of Kyoto.

Zen is one part of Japanese culture that is well known around the world. Zen is the practice of finding insight to oneself to become a better self, especially for the benefit of others. This Zen-themed tour will take you to stay at one of the five renowned temples in Kyoto, usually closed to the public, where you can experience zazen (meditation) and sarei (tea manners) in tea ceremony.

The experience will be at one of the five temples, all subject to availability, but only one group is allowed per temple: Daijiin is a temple with a beautiful teahouse and amazing Karesansui (rock garden). Youmei-in is located near Tenryu-ji, a UNESCO world heritage site. Kaihou-ji is known for their hand-made monk food a delight to try. Shinnyo-ji has a beautiful Japanese garden, and Koun-ji has an exquisite Japanese pond garden with Higashiyama mountain in the background.

You may rediscover yourself through the special cultural experience of tradition in the temple with the monks. The unparalleled experience of Zen could also give you a better insight and understanding to Japanese values, cultures, and history.


Youmei-in was founded in 1413, by Taigaku Syusu, a disciple of Muso Kokushi, a Zen monk. It is a temple located nearby in Tenryu-ji, a world heritage site. Here, you will have the opportunity for an unforgettable

experience bathing in a traditional Japanesestyle iron bathtub, called hagama. Aside from the zazen experience guided by the monks, there will be a tour around Arashiyama. A walk around the district, early in the morning will be a refreshing delight, to get a true feel of Kyoto.


Upon your request from 2017 (except designated day such as New Year holiday)
Day 1
Arrival at Kyoto
Around 13:30 Transfer to the Zen Temple
16:00 Zazen experience at the temple
16:30 Continue Zen experiences
18:00 Dinner to be catered from a Japanese restaurant from nearby temple.
Overnight at one of the five designated Zen Temples
Day 2
7:00 Free walking tour in the temple
8:00 Breakfast
9:30 Tea ceremony
11:00 Transfer to Kyoto station or Kyoto city hotel
Age restriction13 years or older
PRICES Adult(s) : JPY 157,000

Price per person : JPY 157,000
Booking accepted until14 Days prior to the tour date
Meeting point and timeArrival at Zen temple at 17:00 at the latest

Transfers to and from the Kyoto station included in the tour costs.

Booking numbers: from Two up to five

Tour costs per person (tax included): JPY 157,000 with dinner and breakfast/ JPY 133,000 without meals

(additional Participant: JPY 157,000 with dinner and breakfast/JPY 133,000 without meals)

Meals: As above (Drinks excluded unless specified)

Guide: To be attended

Transportation: Transfers from and to the Kyoto station or Kyoto city hotel are included in the prices (car size subject to the numbers of the Participant)

Booking date: By 14 days prior to the service date

*15% service charges and tax to be added


1. 100% cancellation fee will be charged at the time of settlement.

2. The pick up and drop off place is limitted inside of the Kyoto city hotels or Kyoto station. As for other area like hotels around Kansai airport, Osaka city etc, Additional fee will be occurred

3. Please kindly inform us if you have special meal request

4. Your name as shown in your passport