Amazing Experience at Sumo-Beya where houses the champion ( Yokozuna) Kisenosato

Visit a sumo stable to watch exciting morning practice and eat special home-made meals by sumo wrestlers

It’s no surprise that sumo is Japan’s national sport. The unique culture of sumo wrestling fostered over centuries has its own distinctive charm that knows no comparison in other sports. There are currently around 600 rikishi, or sumo wrestlers, living in 47 different stables, competing according to their level-determined rank. It’s an easy to follow sport- the loser is whichever rikishi who first sets one part of himself outside the ring, or touches the ground with any part of his body other than the soles of his feet. Yet what a wondrous sight it makes to see these wrestlers, with their daily programme of rigorous training, competing with extremely seriousness. Club Concierge Luxury Japan has arranged for its customers the unique opportunity to watch morning practice session at the Tagonoura stable, home to currently very popular rikishi such as Kisenosato and Takayasu. We’re sure you’ll be delighted by this rare opportunity to watch up close the moves unleashed by these dedicated rikishi as they give their all in their hopes of becoming Yokozuna. After appreciating the morning practice, please enjoy eating Chanko-nabe at local restaurant.


Departure date :Please inquire us
8:00 Departure hotel by taxi with English / Chinese speaking guide
9:00 Arrival Tagonoura Sumo stable in Koiwa ward, Tokyo
View and touch of the sumo wrestler morning training
11:00 Having Chanko-nabe( large bowl) dish for lunch
13:00 Returning to hotel by taxi
Age restriction13 years or older
Booking accepted until3 Days prior to the tour date
Meeting point and time8:00

Booking numbers: From 2 participants

Price per person (tax included): JPY 47,000~

Meals: Lunch with Chanko-nabe dish include (Drinks excluded unless specified)

Guide: English or Chinese speaking guide

Booking date: By 3 days prior to the tour date

Time schedule is subject to change.

Participant for this tour to be 6 years old or over.


1. 100% cancellation fee will be charged at the time of settlement.

2. The pick up and drop off place is limitted inside of the 23 wards of Tokyo. As for other area like hotels

around Narita airport, Yokohama area, etc, Additional fee will be occurred .

3. When visiting the Sumo wrestlers morning training , you will need to sit on the top of the boarded floor,

please inquire us if you have any questions or requests

4. Please kindly inform us if you have special meal request

5. Your name as shown in your passport