Medical Check-up in Tokyo center with Modern & Contemporary Art Tour (Dinner at Michelin starred restaurant included) 6D5N


Medical Check-up in Tokyo center with Modern & Contemporary Art Tour (Dinner at Michelin starred restaurant included) 6D5N
Day 1
Arrive Narita Airport or Haneda Airport
Meet and greet at the airport and transfer to hotel in Tokyo
Our representitive will be visiting your room or hotel lobby to give you an brief introduction of your trip in Japan. If you have any questions or queries, pleaes do not hesitate to let us know.

Breakfast & Lunch: Flight
Dinner:Own arrangement
Accommodation:5 star hotel in Tokyo
Day 2 & Day 3
Your driver will be waiting at the hotel lobby and bring you to IUHW MITA HOSPITAL
Prepare for you the 3Days deluxe package incluing PET-CT

Breakfast: Hotel
Day 4
After the medical check-up, you will be transferred back to your hotel in Tokyo.

Lunch:Own arrangement
Dinner:Own arrangement
Accommodation: 5 star hotel in Tokyo
Day 5
Modern & Contemporary Art Tour with Guide and driver

Breakfast: Hotel Lunch:Japanese Lunch during the tour
Dinner:Michelin starred restaurant
Accommodation: 5 star hotel in Tokyo
Day 6
Your driver will be waiting at the hotel lobby and take you to the airport.
Breakfast: hotel
PRICES JPY 3,034,510
Cancellation Policy

31 days


30 ~14 days


Within 13 days



1. About the blood draw

ØPlease do not have breakfast on the day of inspection.
ØYou can drink non-calorie drinks such as water or tea.
ØMedicines excepts for diabetes can be taken normally.

2. Patients in Diabetes Treatment
ØDo not take medicine or inject insulin in the morning of the inspection.

3. X-ray examination of the stomach (barium meal radiography)

ØPlease have the dinner until 21:00 on the day before the inspection. You may drink the water or the non-calorie drink until 24:00 before the day of inspection. After 24:00, eating and drinking are prohibited until the end of the test.

※※If you have any of the following cases, please kindly contact us in advance

1. Patients with the possibility of mis-swallowing. Patients who have swallowed (barium meal into the trachea) during a stomach X-ray. Patients who often sting during eating. Patients with neurological diseases and other causes of impaired swallowing function. Patients who are prone to palsy due to thyroid / esophageal / laryngeal / tongue / lung surgery

※If the above case is found during the examination, barium meal will enter the lungs and cause pharynx pneumonia. You need to see a doctor and receive treatment such as antibiotics at your own cost.

2. Patients who have undergone barium meal imaging of the stomach, causing constipation and intestinal obstruction. Patients who have undergone gastric / duodenal surgery. Patients with gastric / duodenal disease who are currently undergoing treatment or are observing follow-up. Patients who have undergone gastric surgery within 1 year. Patients who have mobility issue. Patients with high hearing impairment.

4.About MRI
ØThe mechanical characteristics of MRI examinations can cause the metal components contained in cosmetics to generate heat and skin burns.
ØPlease remove makeup before MRI examination.

5. Other
ØPrecautions vary according to different inspection items. Please carefully confirm the information sent to you in advance.

ØThere is a detailed information of diet. Please kindly confirm it carefully。