Telomere Tests: The Cutting Edge in Medical Checks

Finally, a medical service for a fast -againg society

Early diagnosis for all kinds of illnesses!

It’s well known that the key to treatment of illnesses is early diagnosis. Now, with a testing method born out of Dr. Bill Andrews’s pioneering anti-aging research, accurate telomere analysis can be conducted through a single blood sample, making telomere tests the ideal technology for today’s society.

Telomeres are the ‘end parts’ of the chromosome that shorten when cells start to age. However, research has found that this shrinking process can be stopped and even reversed by a ribonucleoprotein called telomerase. In other words, if telomerase is doing its job and the telomere are continually healing, then the aging of cells can be successfully prolonged.

Thus Dr. Andrews developed his telomere blood analysis system, which reveals a great deal about a person’s health through the state of their telomere.

The procedure is very simple. A blood sample is taken at an associated medical centre and sent to the analysis centre using a special kit, and the patient then receives the results of the analysis of telomeres in their white blood cells.

The test enables measurements of shortened telomeres, which are related to all kinds of diseases not measurable until now. It allows an analysis of a person’s physical age or ‘telomere age’, serving as a biomarker that facilitates the early discovery of diseases.

As part of Horizon 2020, a EU Research and Innovation programme promoting future and emerging technology, the telomere test initiative was selected from as one of just 5% of 2900 entries to receive funding. It looks set to continue to have an effect on medical places as a powerful means of monitoring disease.

Now, this telomere test is also available in Japan. Why not give it a try as a first step toward taking care of your body’s future?


The Human body is made of tens of trillions of cells. Cells grow through mitosis and maintain the health of the entire body by metabolism.

However, cells have a predetermined limited number of mitoses called the "Hayflick limit" and, after passing this number, cells agae and eventually die.

Now, Telomere tests are available in the Tokyo Suimintaisya Clinic in Shinjuku and Minato Mirai Clinic in Yokohama.

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