Seats Reserved Specially for Members - Mizai

Exquisite cuisine and service deserving of "Six" Michelin stars

Among those with gourmet tastes, the name Mizai carries significant cachet. The restaurant’s owner, who trained under Kitcho’s founder Teiichi Yuki,
selects only the very best ingredients from all over Japan.Refined techniques and years of experience are then used in eliciting the natural,
exquisite taste of these top quality ingredients. Put this togetherwith stunningly artistic presentation, and you will understand
why Mizai’s dishes elicit profound amazement from visitors. Experience the Japanese spirit of hospitality at heights rarely witnessed.


Reserved date:

2018: November 18 , December 14

2019: April 28, June 25, July 20, September 12, October 25, November 17


Dinner Course with a bottle of Chasselas wine ( Jan-Sep./ Nov./Dec) JPY 120,000

(Oct.) JPY130,000

The charge for two people, excluding tax

●Available from 2 people ●Dinner courses include a bottle of Chasselas wine ● Please pay directly to the restaurant for the additional drink and food order ●100% cancellation charge will be incurred after reservation