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Japanese elegance with lush green garden

Local hideaway in Miyagawa-cho for gourmands

Ultimate bliss savouring premium long tooth grouper.

Enjoy your private paradise with a butler for each room

A trip of comfort: Relax in hot springs in Yufuin and Yamaguchi.

The delightful seasonal tempura with special house-made salt

Enjoy the selected seasonal ingredients from various area all over Japan

Enjoy the one-of-a-kind nigiri, at the sushi restaurant adored by gourmands from all over Japan.

Exquisite Edo-style sushi in a relaxing Ginza atmosphere

Japanese luxury and culture delivered through the Noh stage and kaiseki cuisine

Two-Michelin-star restaurant with true taste of nature

Embrace the artful performances by the Shimbashi geisha in a serene and refined ambiance at the heart of Tokyo