Feel Japan with exclusively arranged by Luxury Japan Hozu River boat cruise and Kitcho Arashiyama banquet


This tour will take you on the most elegant Japanese experience entertainment at a prestigious ryotei (Japanese-style restaurant), and a relaxing riverboat ride. The experience will be at Kitcho Arashiyama, one of the most renowned ryotei of Japan, where only regular guests are able to make reservations. There, you will be welcomed at the ozashiki (Japanese-style floor tables) dining room with refreshing seasonal delicacies and sake to cool off the summer heat.

After enjoying yourself with some beautiful Japanese cuisine, a riverboat will take you to the upper stream of Hozu River. In the serene atmosphere, with only the moonlight and lanterns to shine the way, traditional drum and flute music will be played, as the boat ride continues through the ethereal darkness. On the boat ride back, you can play with firecrackers called kingyo (goldfish) that will sparkle on the water surface, or watch some cormorants fishing. On the boat, freshly grilled sweet fish will be prepared with delicious sake served by geiko.

We are happy to provide this special summer events as a private events to our members (up to 12 clients). Enjoy the full experience of refined banquet and ryotei entertainment.

Event date :  Aug 4 (Fri), 2017 17:00~21:30

Participant: up to 12 clients .

Charter fee :  JPY 2,800,000(Excluding tax)

(Price including guide fee, return transportation fee from your hotel located inside of Kyoto city, meals, drinks, private boat cruising fee and Geisha performance fee)

Place: Kyoto Kicho Arashiyama

Booking deadline: 4th, July 2017

※100% cancellation charge will be occurred after booking

※All none smoking seats

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